Busy: how to thrive in a world of too much?


We probably all know that feeling of constant busyness: the battle to keep up with all of our tasks, but somehow always falling behind. That feeling of being unable to finish everything on time and with the desired quality, leaving us with a sense of failure or not being able to take control of our own lives. 
In a world of too much, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the work, activities and requirements that are thrown at us. There’s nothing wrong with a full and active lifestyle, as long as everything you’re doing truly satisfies you and contributes to your happiness. 
In his book, Tony Crabbe draws on different psychological studies to explain busyness fenomenons currently occured by many of us. It describes how you can take back control over your career and life, for instance by focusing on making an impact yourself, instead of mainly being impacted by others. It provides useful comparisons, examples and tips on how to make changes, so you can live your life instead of have your life living you.

Some tips to give you an idea:
– Big things first: start off every day with the main or biggest task of that day when your mind is still fresh, the little things you can easily do in the end of the day, small gaps or when you’re tired. This will make you much more effective and efficient.
– Machine-gun your emails: choose a specific time of day to answer all of your emails and don’t look at your inbox for the rest of the day. The same goes for phone-free moments: see how much time this saves you and helps you focus when doing other, more important things. 
– Choose ‘hell yes’ or ‘no’: whenever someone invites you for something, choose between ‘hell yes’ if you really want it, and otherwise always say no.
– Your top 15: identify the 15 people in the world whom you like to spend time with most and try to spend more time with them. This will instantly increase your feeling of happiness and help you prioritize your time and relationships.

Suggested by: Lisa Kuijpers