Each year, the study trip committee organizes the international trip for the students of  Management in the Built Environment, TU Delft. The committee members are responsible for the complete organization of the trip; prepare a relevant research theme,  determinate on the destination and compose an interesting  and balanced program on location.

Approximately 20 motivated students investigate an international real estate issue, supervised by two teachers. Prior to the trip, the entire group will do an extensive research, resulting in a publication. The outcomes of this primary research will be investigated for two more weeks on international location. Students will encounter the local real estate issues, by means of site visits, lectures and workshops, organized by local universities, companies and the embassy. On return, the experiences of the study trip will be presented and published in the final publication.

Besides acquiring international real estate knowledge, this study trip is also an excellent opportunity for students who aspire an international real estate career. They can use the journey to expand their international business network.

1. Chairman Debby van Zessen
2. Treasurer Vicky van den Bos
3. Acquisition Katherine Beisler
4. Program & Logistics Aylin Ozcan
5. Program & Logistics Otte van der Pluijm
6. Research Joost Andrea